The island of Vis tour

Explore the island of Vis from the sea with our best-selling tour. Experience the 6 unforgettable hours filled with joy, enjoy swimming, natural beauty and create memories.

During the tour, we go around the entire island starting from the military tunnel followed by the visit to the north side of the island with the most beautiful “wild” beaches. The north side is full of natural beauty but it is difficult to reach by car. The next stop is on the island of Biševo, which is located on the southwest side of the island of Vis. Biševo treasures the famous Blue Cave that leaves everyone breathless.

The  tour continues to the south side of the island and you get to experience the unique beaches such as Pritiščina, Metudole, Smričevica, Stiniva, Ruda, Srebrna and also beautiful hidden caves along the way; magnificent Green Cave on the island of Ravnik; lagoon Budikovac, sandy beach Zaglav, Smokova and Stončica at the end of the tour. All of these top destinations are reachable by top speedboat Honda Cayman 26 250 HP, very fast and attractive, comfortable for 8-10 people. The most exciting and original “feature” of the trip is our most experienced island skipper (Yacht Master). Highly educated with over 30 years of professional experience in the Mediterranean and worldwide, he is a guarantee for the quality of the tour and safety of navigation.

We also offer a smaller speedboat Honda Cayman 21 150 HP for 4 people, suitable for private or family trips. The quality and equipment are as good as the speedboat Honda Cayman 26 250 HP.